Reflection for May 5, 2019

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Mealtime ministry

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Sunday's Gospel shows Jesus tending to the whole person through food, instruction and mission

by Sister Laura Zelten

Hospitality is one of the charisms, or gifts, given to the Sisters of St Francis of the Holy Cross.  We are called to welcome others just as Jesus welcomed so many during his earthly life and mission.

One example of His hospitality is mentioned in this Sunday’s Gospel. Set in the early morning hours along the seashore, Jesus prepares bread and fish for his friends. It’s an act of love and care. How many times have we prepared meals for others as a sign of our love? 

There are other examples of “mealtime ministry” in the Gospels: Jesus’ miracle at a wedding feast; the meal at the Pharisee’s house where Jesus forgives a woman’s sins; and the Last Supper where Jesus takes bread and wine, gives thanks, blesses it and shares it.

Jesus concludes the breakfast at the shore with questions about love. He gives little instruction about the mission or what it might involve beyond saying "yes" and trusting God’s love for us and ours for God. This love comes in prayer and in service to others. This is mission with and for the risen Jesus Christ.

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CommentBubbleSr. Laura, what a beautiful reflection on ministering to our loved ones through the daily sharing of meals. I must admit as the main meal preparer in our home, I sometimes begrudge the task. You've helped me to turn that around with your thoughtful call to reflect and serve with love. Thank you! -- Ellen