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"Among all the awful miseries of this world Francis has a natural horror of lepers, and one day as he was riding his horse near Assisi he met a leper on the road. He felt terrified and revolted, but not wanting to transgress God's command and break the sacrament of His word, he dismounted from his horse and ran to kiss him. As the leper stretched out his hand, expecting something, he received both money and a kiss. Francis immediately mounted his horse and although the field was wide open, without any obstructions, when he looked around he could not see the leper anywhere."

-- Excerpt from
The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul
by Thomas of Celano The First Book, Chapter V

After this experience, Francis began to serve the lepers. This story is told as part of the conversion process that Francis was experiencing. What steps will you take in your own conversion?


  1. Pray the Stations of the Cross. Using images from our Chapel, we invite you to enter in the Stations of the Cross with this 2-minute video.
  2. Write your own Stations of the Cross from moments in your own life. Let the Holy Spirit stir your memories. Recall when you felt a burden lifted or when the cross was especially heavy. Recall what sustained you as you walked the journey of life with your own personal cross.
  3. What do light bulbs and themostats have to do with Lent? Reducing our carbon emissions is good for God's creation. Check out 40 ideas for 40 days on the Lenten Carbon Fast Calendar.
  4. Consider your attitude toward change. Where is openness needed? What graces do you need?
  5. Read a Lenten-themed book to guide your spiritual journey. We've assembled some recommendations here.

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