Advent Minute

Got a Minute? Take in a reflection about this Advent Time of year with our Sisters.

The gift is in the giving

Wednesday, December 7, 2011



As I reflect on what gives me joy,
I recall sitting on my Ma's lap
with her arms around me reading the book, Heidi.
I was too young to understand the contents of the book,
but young enough to know through my body
that there was a loving presence surrounding me.

I am inspired to ask "What gives me meaning?"
It is meaningful to be surrounded by a loving presence.
It is meaningful to be in harmonious relationship
with God, family, friends, co-workers and creation.

However, that is often not without pain, loss and suffering.
The paradox is that through the pain a resurrection often emerges.
What gives me meaning is the awareness that God's loving presence
is always with me with his arms wrapped around me and others.
I try to move through the day with this simple awareness.

I believe that the sharing of joy
is really about sharing meaning with people.
When I register a new member in the parish, I always ask:
"What brought you to this parish?"
The most common responses are:   
"I want a spiritual home, to belong to family, a community."

Every evening, I recall the meaningful moments of the day:
seeing the morning light and colors of a sunset,
feeling the power of song and symbol in ritual,
breaking open the Word,   
praying with a dying, crying man on his way to his eternal home,
planning a funeral with a family whose mother dies within a month
of their father's death,
feeling the pain - and the faith -- on the faces of people
at an All Souls Vespers who lost a loved other.

I'm not sure if this is what gives me joy
or if joy is the result of meaningful moments.
There is significance in the saying, "The gift is in the giving."

-- by Sister Annette Koss

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Season's joy is tied to gratitude

Wednesday, December 7, 2011



At the beginning of Advent, that which gives me great joy is having the gift of living each day in gratitude for the coming of Jesus.  The privilege of participating in the Eucharistic celebration each day is a golden moment of gratitude for me.

I've been blessed with an optimistic personality, a cheerful disposition and a generous response to people.  I begin each day with a desire to share Franciscan joy with others: a friendly smile, prayer, a kind word, offering service and simply enjoying life.  I believe this is my way of bringing joy to God's people, especially at this holy season.

Have a joy-filled Advent ... peace!

-- Sister Joanne Williams



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Finding Joy Now and Year-Round

Friday, December 2, 2011



For me, Advent is synonymous with "joy."

I find joy in the anticipation and preparations;
Joy in the music, lights and decorations.
Joy in the plans to be with family and friends
Joy in the giving to others in need;
Joy in selecting a gift that will bring delight to another.

All this joy comes to me and to you because our God loves us;
loves us so much that He sent his Son, Jesus, to be one with us,
one of us, one for us. It is an Advent joy and a year-round joy.

-- Sister Mary Kabat




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Advent: A Time to Reflect and Anticipate

Friday, December 2, 2011

AdventMinute2011Why do I love Advent? This is the time of the year to step back and take a loving look at the past year in order to step forward into a new year. The Church year ends at this time of year and the new Church year begins with Advent.

For me, Advent is a time of anticipation. The Scriptures are filled with hope and promise. God comes to us through each day's readings. I like to put myself in the loving arms of God and thank Him for all of the past year's blessings. Then I talk with God about what my hopes and dreams are for the coming year. I enjoy taking extra time during Advent to read and reflect upon the Scripture readings because they give me wisdom and enlighten me to prepare for whatever is yet to come. I like to join my thoughts with Blessed Mary and reflect on how she must have felt about this time of year.

KrautkramerGeraldine100pxYou, too, can help to enrich your life during Advent as you prepare your heart and open even more to the wisdom and love God has to bring to you and oh, how He desires and waits for you. God bless you and us all!

Blessed Advent and joyful waiting.

-- Sister Gerri Krautkramer

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