Caring for ‘Laudato Si’ encyclical

by Renae Bauer
published Fall 2016

A little more than a year ago, Pope Francis released his encyclical “Laudato Si” to address the importance of caring for God’s creation. Our Sisters and Associates formed dialogue groups in which they discussed the encyclical and reflected on compelling questions prepared by Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ. While it would be impossible to distill all the comments, understandings and ideas from every dialogue group, here is a sampling from one meeting with one group.

Laudato Si Discussion 03-resize

Associate Arlene Mancheski: “As you dialogue you grow in understanding.”
Sister Marietta Samz: (Referring to the story of Creation in Genesis): “God is saying ‘Let there be’ everyday.”
Sister Martin Vandervest: “Clean water is a gift and we have to preserve it.”

Laudato Si Discussion 01-resize

Associate Joan Dalebroux: “If you don’t have dialogue you don’t have perspective.”

Associate Gene Dalebroux: “Everything is interconnected. Pope Francis emphasizes not what we can get but how we help other countries with problems.”

Laudato Si Discussion 02-resize

Associate Jerry Mancheski: "It’s important that all of us know the consequences of our actions, what we do and don’t do.”
Sister Christine Wochos: “Pope Francis cares for the earth and people especially those not cared for by others.”

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